Early Buddhist Rock-Cut Monasteries Of The Western Ghats: Locations

CSV files containing locations of early Buddhist rock-cut monasteries in the Western Ghats and Konkan coast regions of India. Only the caves cut between second century BCE and the early fifth century CE are included: from the earliest period of cutting up until just prior to the introduction of the Buddha image. Data included are the long/lat, height in meters, name and group of monasteries so the file is suitable for importing into a GIS. A second csv file contains locations of the Early Historic settlements located close to the rock-cut monasteries. The settlements are located on the Deccan plateau, the eastern edge of the Western Ghats and the Konkan coast. Data included are long/lat, height in meters, name and region of the settlement so the file is suitable for importing into a GIS.

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W_Ghats_Settlements_Locations.csv, W_Ghats_Monasteries_Locations.csv

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