Government of India, Annual Administration Reports

Annual administration reports of the territories of British India for the following areas: Government of India 1870-1871; Government of Bengal, 1871-1936 ; Government of Burma, 1872-1899 ; Chin Hills, 1909-1923; Shan and Karenni States, 1889. For researchers seeking an overview of events and developments in the territories of British India from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries, the annual reports of the provincial administrations are a key source. Aimed at both the general reader and the specialist, the reports address the business of government in all its internal affairs: politics, legislation, the police, finance, trade, agriculture, industry, the press, public health, public works, and education. Accounts of the year’s events are supplemented by statistics, maps and plans, while the larger context is provided by the inclusion, every tenth year, of a geographical and historical survey of the region in question. This selection of reports from the Official Publications series, IOR/V/10, were digitised from microfilm as part of the World Collections Programme. The materials are in the Public Domain.

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