India Office Lists

The India Office Lists are annual reference works giving details of departments and post holders in: the India Office, London, 1858-1947; the Burma Office, 1935-47; the Government of India, Calcutta, later Delhi, 1858-1947; the main provincial administrations of Bengal, Bombay and Madras and minor administrations for the same dates. From 1886, brief ‘Who’s Who’ biographies are included for senior post-holders. The Lists include military personnel until 1899, when a separate Indian Army List was begun.

The Lists were digitised in 2014 with funding from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. There are two copies of each List in the British Library holdings. One set can be found in the India Office Records under references IOR/V/6/125-247; the other set is available on the Open Access shelves in the Asian and African Studies Reading Room at reference OIR 354.54.

For conservation reasons, the OIR 354.54 copies were used for digitisation in the first instance, with IOR/V volumes used when pages were discovered to be damaged or missing. The physical volumes contain large numbers of advertisements which for copyright reasons were not included in the 2014 digitisation.

The Lists are Public Domain.

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