C M Taylor Keylogging Data: 27 Mar 2017 – 05 Mar 2018

This dataset is comprised of keylogging data from the author C M Taylor captured March 2017 – March 2018; Keystroke files: 27/03/2017 – 05/03/2018.The dataset is comprised of screenshots and keystroke logs. The screenshots are saved individually as JPGs and BMPs as well as an AVI file, so the individual captures play as a film. Keystrokes are saved either as .rtf files or .txt. Please note the .avi file is only from 27 March to 3 April 2017. The full animation can be recreated using either the .jpg or .bmp files. This data was created using keylogging software Spectre Pro (SpectreSoft) installed on a dedicated IBM Thinkpad laptop and then exported as TXT, RTF, JPEG, BMP and AVI files. They can be used for image and text analysis, teaching, art projects, or anything else of inspiration.

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