JISC UK Web Domain Dataset Host Link Graph. 1996 – 2010. TSV.

The dataset comprises ~2.5 billion 200 OK responses from the 1996 – 2010 tranche of the JISC UK Web Domain Dataset which have been scanned for hyperlinks. For each link, UKWA extracts the host that the link targets, and uses this to build up a picture of which hosts have linked to which other hosts, over time. In partnership with the Internet Archive and JISC, UKWA had obtained access to the subset of the Internet Archive’s web collection that relates to the UK. The JISC UK Web Domain Dataset (1996 – 2013) contains all of the resources from the Internet Archive that were hosted on domains ending in ‘.uk’, or that are required in order to render those UK pages. For more information: http://data.webarchive.org.uk/opendata/ukwa.ds.2/host-linkage/

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