Living Machines atypical animacy dataset

Atypical animacy detection dataset, based on nineteenth-century sentences in English extracted from an open dataset of nineteenth-century books digitized by the British Library (available via, British Library Labs, 2014). This dataset contains 598 sentences containing mentions of machines. Each sentence has been annotated according to the animacy and humanness of the machine in the sentence. This dataset has been created as part of the following paper:

Ardanuy, M. C., F. Nanni, K. Beelen, Kasra Hosseini, Ruth Ahnert, J. Lawrence, Katherine McDonough, Giorgia Tolfo, D. C. Wilson and B. McGillivray. “Living Machines: A study of atypical animacy.” In Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on
Computational Linguistics (COLING2020).

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